90 Day Workout

Welcome 90 Day Workout

 P90X is not for beginners. Designed by celebrity fitness trainer Tony Horton, P90X gets you absolutely ripped in 90 days. Through 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, a comprehensive 3-phase nutrition plan, a detailed fitness guide and a calendar to track your progress, the P90X program will define muscles you’ve got and develop muscles you never knew you had. In just an hour a day, it will physically and mentally transform you from being in good shape to being outstanding athletes.

Tested and proven to build muscle and shred body fat fast with an advanced training technique called “Muscle Confusion,” which accelerates the results process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus, and your mind never gets bored. Whether you want to go lean, bulk up, or get ripped, there’s an endless variety of ways to mix and match these amazing workouts to keep both men and women motivated . . . and ripped.

Building and maintaining muscle is the secret to reshaping your body, and staying trim because it helps burn fat faster than cardiovascular workouts alone. Muscle requires a lot of energy in order to keep its mass and “feeds” off of readily available energy
stores, including fat.

• Twelve diverse and intense workout DVDs featuring targeted weight training, synergistic and core training, yoga, plyometrics (also known as athletic jump training), Pilates, Kenpo karate, stretching, and abdominal work for a total-body transformation.
• 3-Phase Nutrition Plan to help you burn fat while maintaining high energy levels.
• Detailed fitness guide packed with valuable information for getting the most out of P90X.
• “How to Bring It” video for a quick overview of the complete P90X system.
• Handy P90X calendar to set workout goals, track progress and motivate.
• FREE 24/7 online support tools with access to fitness experts, peer support, and motivation.

Ideas For Health

We give you simple ideas to keep you healthy and to keep you active throughout the day if you follow these healthy ideas. As we are very busy with our day to day work we are not able to follow health habits. However, it is very easy for us to follow some of the healthy ideas, so that we can stay healthy.  The food you take determines your health, so good food habits will keep you not only healthy but also active all the day long. Awareness is growing among the people now to maintain good health and fitness.  In the past, people hunt for their food, by doing so they are physically strained and their body undergoes lot of physical activities, which keeps them active and alert. But, there is no need for hunting for the food now, and the required food is available instantly  and automatically, so life has become very easy, and the incidence of the diseases are also high.

How we can stay healthy and what diet to follow is a big question among the people now. To keep healthy and fit, you have to follow proper nutrition and simple exercise. To become healthy and fit you need some dedicated efforts.

Nutrition and Diet:  Ayurveda put forward the theory that the food is our medicine, and nutritive food maintain good health and keep you away from diseases, and nutritive food acts as a cure for diseases.  Macro and micro nutrients are essential for functioning of mental, physical, chemical, and hormonal activities of the body. If good nutrition is provided by way of food, the body will regenerate the cells and rebuilds itself as the body works as automated machine.

High nutritive value is available in fruits and vegetables, which gives all essential nutrients that body needs. Now the question before us, is what quantity to consume and when to consume the fruits and vegetables.

Simple stretching exercise can help you to maintain fitness. You can also reduce your weight by doing simple effortless regular exercise. Ayurveda practiced by sages from time immemorial, gives very good remedies for diseases like Hypertension, hypotension, Cholesterol, diabetes and infectious diseases by using variety of medicinal herbal plants and medicines derived from animal origin and using metallic and mineral substances to rebuild or regenerate the damaged cells or tissues for the diseased people.

Significant results can be achieved by taking nutritious food for maintaining good health. If you take healthy and nutritious food regularly and timely, it provides balanced diet. In day to day life, we are unable to follow the  regular and timely plan for diet, so we are getting closer to many life style diseases like, hypertension, diabetes etc., So it is utmost important to know the benefits of  nature which gives fruits and vegetables that are easily digestible and having good nutritive value. If you consume food in systematic manner and to know the value of food you take, it would be very beneficial to the body for maintaining good health.

If you want to be healthy, know all about health, diet, nutrition, exercise and follow what you need specifically. To keep healthy, you have to feel free from tension and worries, which is one of the causes for disease. So be happy, and be confident as you are the best judge for your life. Intake of food is very important to keep you healthy. Let us discuss the nutritive value and beneficial value of the some fruits, nuts and vegetables. Consumption of fruit juices reduces the work load of digestive system and it is easily absorbed by the body.

Almond : Reduces the risk of Lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood and provides good nutritive value.

Banana : Relieves from Constipation, reduces anemia, depression, blood pressure, increases brain power.

Mangoes :  Rich in iron and vitamins, potassium, necessary to take for hypertension patients, and gives fresh energy after physical activity.

Coconut : It has antifungal, antibacterial properties, reduces the Cholesterol and rich in nutritive value and the coconut oil is used in many ayurvedic preparations.

Custard Apple Improves digestion, acts as remedy for diahorrea.

Cherries :  Rich in vitamins and minerals and having good taste, relieves pain and also have anti inflammatory properties.

Beetroots : Rich in  Potassium, Folate, manganese, fiber, cures skin problems.

Plums : Good source for Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C and Potassium. For more details about plums.. 

Radishes : An excellent source for Vitamin C and having antioxidant, anti inflammatory properties and also protects from Cancer. 

Apples : Rich in vitamins and Carbohydrates, reduces the risk from colon cancer prostate cancer and lung cancer.  

Cauliflower : Highly nutritious and good for pregnant women, reduces risk of cancer and good for heart, cures ailments.

Chives : Very beneficial for digestive system and blood pressure, reduces the risk from many type of cancers.

Tomatoes : Good Source of lycopene which is an antioxidant, reduces the risk of heart attack.

Bitter Gourd : Acts as cure for diabetes.

Papaya Fruit : Having good nutritional value, rich in antioxidants, minerals and fiber, cures skin ailments;

Oats : Rich in fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin E, prevents cells damage, relieves constipation.

Mushrooms : Highly nutritious contains vitamins B1 B2  B3 and vitamin D and minerals, dietary fiber and amino acids.

Avocado : Rich in potassium, Vitamins and good for health.

Cabbage :  Reduces the risk from colon cancer, cures ulcers, known vegetable having healing properties, low calorific value.

Watermelon : Refreshing fruit in summer with zero cholesterol, improves eye sight also.

Amla : Abundant source of Vitamin C having many nutritious benefits, improves immune system.

Fruits and vegetables are abundant source for vitamins and minerals, which keeps you healthy and makes you fit.   Milk, fruits, water, and sunlight with all its natural elements provide good value for the skin and body.

During summer, we should take lot of water and fresh fruit juices to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion.

During summer try to consume the following fruit juices like Jack fruit, Watermelon, Lemon, banana, pineapple and grapes to get rid of stress and to be healthy, and to compensate glucose levels in the blood and vitamins and minerals. Micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals and macro nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats are very essential to control emotions and physical health, which are available in fruits and vegetables.

Here are some useful ideas : For health and physical fitness  you should follow these five components, i.e., Strength training, Weight management, Cardiovascular exercise, nutrition and flexibility training.

Avoid Smoking : It is associated with increase in metabolic rate and it is dangerous addictive  and causes lung cancer.

Drink plenty of water : Drinking of more water gives relief from dehydration and it is essential for the body to maintain metabolic activities.

Consume variety of Foods :   Intake of different colored fruits and vegetables protects from the illness like heart disease and cancer, just for example, apple contains pectin which cleanse the body digestive system  and removes toxic substances from the body and thus prevents degenerative health problems such as cancer.

Floss for Everyday :  You should floss for everyday to prevent from gum disease, if this is left untreated it may trigger the heart disease.

Drink more Tea : It has antioxidant properties and thus prevents Cardiovascular disease.

Exercise Regularly to be active :  Exercise at least 30 minutes per day  three to four days a week  definitely make a big difference in maintaining good health.

Having Sound Sleep : Sleeplessness cause imbalance of hormone levels and slower metabolism. During good sleep, body repairs itself cell repair and cell growth is achieved, which speed up the metabolism. So having a good sleep is essential for body.

Take plenty of Protein : It stimulates the brain chemical, dopamine, which keeps the body alert and active. Try to consume complex carbohydrates such as Ragi, Wheat rather than white flour, white sugar.

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